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AASSA Recruiting Service Ethics Statement (Terms and Conditions)

By using the AASSA Recruiting Service, Candidates and Recruiters agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in the following AASSA Statement of Ethical Practices. 


  1. While a verbal offer and acceptance are considered binding on both parties, it is expected that recruiters will provide job offers in writing and receive confirmation of job offer acceptance in writing.  Candidates should sign a letter of intent or a contract as soon as possible from the time a job offer is officially offered and accepted.  Both schools and candidates are expected to honor offers made and accepted as well as contracts, whether written or verbal, unless contingency clauses apply.  
  2. If a candidate contracts with a school and does not fulfill the contract, it is expected the candidate will reimburse the school for expenses they have incurred on the candidate’s behalf. Every effort should be made by the school to include such costs up front to the candidate in the contract agreement. 
  3. Candidates and recruiters should be aware that both the school and AASSA have the right and responsibility to conduct (or request the candidate or recruiter provide) confidential reference checks, criminal background checks, sex offender registry, internet and social media background checks as part of the employment process. Continued use of the AASSA Recruiting Service as well as finalized contracts are contingent upon the results of a candidate’s personal and employment history. 
  4. In its sole discretion, AASSA may discontinue the use of its Recruiting Service in part or in its entirety for any candidate or recruiter for any reason for any length or period of time as it deems appropriate without providing justification or cause at any time to any person or persons as, and if, it so determines. 
  5. Candidates are expected to provide complete and accurate employment history as well as truthful and accurate employment qualification information at all times. 
  6. All information necessary for the candidate to make a well-informed decision will be provided at the time a job offer is made.  This will include clear contractual details regarding compensation and benefits, visa and residency permits, and working and living conditions.
  7. Candidates and recruiters must adhere to the hiring laws of the country in which interviews are being conducted.  Recruiters must provide equal consideration to all qualified candidates for a position and never engage in any form of discrimination.  All candidates will be given equal consideration without reference to age, gender, race, religion, or disability. 
  8. When offering positions, recruiters should allow candidates who wish it to have a reasonable and mutually agreed upon time to make a decision.  
  9. An offer for the same position will not be made simultaneously to multiple candidates.
  10. No offer will be made to a candidate who has already accepted--verbally or in writing--a position in another school.
  11. No offer of employment or invitation to apply for a position will be made to an individual who is already under contract to another school for the same period of employment.
  12. All pertinent information about candidates, where legally permissible, will be disclosed by heads of school having first-hand information to other recruiters. 
  13. It is the recruiter’s responsibility to contact references in person for each finalist candidate.  Under no circumstances will confidential reference information be shared with a candidate. 
  14. The recruiter will inform all candidates under consideration about the school’s hiring schedule.  The recruiter will also inform candidates in a timely manner when they are no longer under consideration for a position.  
  15. Candidates have an equal responsibility to notify recruiters if they have accepted a position and will not be honoring an interview appointment.
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