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Teacher Workshop Proposals for the

2018 AASSA Educators' Conference

Quito, Ecuador

March 22-24, 2018


Conference Theme   

Reaching the Summit: The Power of Yet


This page and the online form which follows will guide you through the application process to present a workshop at the AASSA Conference in Quito.

The Process:  Each school will set up a panel to evaluate workshops.  The workshops from a given school will be ranked using the standardized rubric designed for this conference.

Each presenter should only apply to present only one workshop.

You should only apply to present if you have clear permission from your school director to attend the conference in the event you are selected by AASSA to present, and if you are certain that you will attend if selected. Please do not apply to present otherwise since we build the schedule and program around your participation.

If you are selected to present, you must still register for the conference and pay the registration fee.

You will receive a certificate testifying to your having presented which can be used for ongoing certification and professional development credits.

Your head of school will complete a ranking sheet which will be sent to AASSA

Workshop presenters will be notified by mid-November as to whether their proposal has been accepted, or not.  

Questions?   Please contact Esther Nicolau: enicolau@aassa.com

Thank you for your willingness to share your professional expertise with your colleagues in our member schools. We look forward to reading your proposals and creating a top-notch conference for all.


Deadline for this application to be submitted to

AASSA and your school's head:
October 16, 2017

You will be asked to present your workshop for your school's panel prior to this date and your ranking will be sent to AASSA by your head of school by October 26th, 2017.


Please complete and submit the

following online application form:

Teacher Workshop Proposal

Utilize this form only if you want to present a more traditional type of Teacher Workshop. First step is to select a topic that you have expertise in and supports the conference theme of "Reaching the Summit: The Power of Yet" - International Education). All Teacher Workshops should be either one or one and a half hours in length.

Presentation/Workshop Information

NOTE:  If you are presenting in English, please provide the title and writeup in English.  If you are presenting in Spanish, please provide the title and writeup in Spanish.

Target Audience(s):  Please indicate the appropriate audience for your workshop.  Select as many as apply.

Equipment for presentations: Every room will have wireless internet access, speakers, and a projector. Please bring and use your own laptop. All classrooms and presentation rooms are set up for MAC computers so if you will be using a PC laptop, make sure you have a HDMI port to connect to the LCD projectors.  If you have an older PC laptop which does not have an HDMI port, please let AASSA know so the school can provide the needed cable.

Thank you for submitting your proposal. Please give a copy to your head of school. You will be informed by mid-November whether, or not, your presentation has been accepted.

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