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2019 AASSA Recruiting Fair 

Information for Recruiters


The 2019 AASSA Recruiting Fair will be held at the Grand Hyatt Buckhead from December 5-8, 2019 following the Latin American Administrators' Conference which is being held in the same venue from December 2-5. This fair will be held in partnership with International Schools Services (ISS) wherein ISS teacher candidates are welcome to attend in an effort to enhance and expand the candidate pool (see below under "Fair Costs" for further information).


Participating schools must be fully accredited schools and members of AASSA!


Instructions for Recruiters


Step 1:  Please register for the 2019 Recruiting Fair

by clicking here.  


Click on "New Recruiter Registration."  When your request is submitted, the AASSA office will be informed and manually approve your registration as a recruiter. This step is to protect against unauthorized registrants!

You will receive an email from us when you are cleared to login and complete your online application.


Step 2:  Keep Online Information Up To Date

Candidates often make a decision whether to attend the fair, or not, based upon the schools' profiles and posted vacancies. Please list potential positions as early as possible and be sure to keep your vacancy list current by updating vacancies online.

Please promote the AASSA Recruiting Fair to your own staff members seeking another job in our region and help to increase the size of our fair by recommending attendance at our fair to candidates who contact you directly by referring them to AASSA.


Step 3:  Reserve hotel rooms ONLY through AASSA.  

Instructions will be emailed to you when you register for the fair. 






Recruiters will be provided breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Cassis Restaurant if they have a room at the Grand Hyatt. All other meals will be the responsibility of the individual.

We have arranged for a takeaway sandwich facility at lunch or guests may opt to dine at one of the hotels or nearby restaurants.

All recruiter rooms will include free internet!


Recruiting Service Costs

Schools will be invoiced according to the following fees:

  Schools with fewer than 600 students:

1 Year Subscription:  $2,000

2 Year Subscription:  $3,600 ($1,800 per year if paying for 2 years)


Schools with more than 600 students:

1 Year Subscription:  $2,500

2 Year Subscription:  $4,500 ($2,250 per year if paying for 2 years)


Partnership with ISS:

In an effort to enhance your recruiting experience and expand the candidate pool at the Recruiting Fair we are happy to make the following announcement… “In partnership with International Schools Services (ISS), ISS teacher candidates are welcome to attend the AASSA December 2018 Recruiting Fair in Atlanta.” At this point we have no idea how many, if any, ISS candidates will take advantage of this opportunity and for those that do we will make their candidate files available virtually to all recruiters.

Additionally, the fees for hiring an ISS candidate at the AASSA Recruiting Fair will be those already set for our organization. In other words, as a school you will only pay the AASSA recruiting fee if you hire an ISS candidate (please note that ISS premium member schools attending the AASSA fair will not pay a fee for hiring an ISS candidate due to the arrangement already in place between them and ISS). 


On-line Access at the Fair

Directors should plan to bring a laptop/device with wireless capability to the recruiting fair so that you can access the AASSA Recruiting Fair site. You will have a free wireless connection to the internet in the public areas of the hotel, in our workroom, and in guest rooms.


Click here to see the 2019

Recruiting Fair schedule of events


Don't forget to Register for the Latin American Administrators' Conference and reserve a hotel room for the nights of the conference by going to their website.

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