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2018 AASSA Educators' Conference


SUNY Buffalo Graduate Credit for Attending

Educational Conferences




Buffalo State has a long history of supporting international educators as they work towards earning their Master’s Degree through our Masters of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies. We also grant graduate credit through pre-approved professional development workshops done at your schools and through the always popular conferences hosted by the various regional educator associations held around the world. As we begin a new school year, I wanted to share with you that our approach to offering Buffalo State (EDU 596) graduate level credit at these annual educator/leadership conferences has changed for the upcoming year.

The model allows for 1, 2, or 3 credit options for conference attendees. As there are significant differences between what we will do and what we have historically done, you will need to review those changes carefully should you decide to pursue conference credit though us. Those who want 2 or 3 credit options will have some literature review work centered on the conference theme that preferably is done prior to the conference. Those who want 3 credits will also have to attend the pre-conference in order to get to the 45 hours it takes to earn those 3 credits (15 contact hours per credit is the college standard). The cost of each credit is $130.

Conference Credit for International Educators from SUNY Buffalo State

Regional and International Associations partner with SUNY Buffalo State to offer graduate credit for their educator conferences.   Please note our requirements changed in the summer of 2016.  This packet represents an updated, easier to use format for students. Procedures and requirements for professional development conference courses are included in the links below:  

Conference Credit Information Packet EDU 596 

1 Credit  EDU596 

2 Credit EDU596

3 Credit EDU596






For further information, please contact:            

Dr. Sue Keller-Mathers, Interim Director
International Graduate Program for Educators


phone: (716) 878-6832           fax: (716) 878-6809


email: Kellersm@BuffaloState.edu






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